Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Quick SEO

Have you ever went with an SEO company and received no positions? Maybe you are with an SEO company and are dubious about how much work they are doing?  Well I am going to give you some quick easy ways to check if your SEO company are working for you.

Onsite SEO

Go to your website URL.

Press Control + U

A new window should open up

Press Control + F

Type in Title

Look at the text next to title if it is under 60 characters I would be dubious if anything has been done

Type in Description

If there is not one then they are definitely doing their jobs wrong. If there is one check how many characters it is under 140 and again I would be dubious.

Type in ALT

Check if there are descriptions for your pictures. if not then leave straight away. Your SEO company has missed one of the fundamentals of onsite SEO. This is very important for Search engines and SEO.
I hope this helps!

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